Dayton Timeline

-Betts arrived in the entertainment district Saturday evening with his sister, Megan K. Betts, 22, and another “companion.”

- The gunman was wearing a mask, body armor and hearing protection, and he possessed a high-capacity magazine capable of holding 100 rounds

- The nine victims were men and women ranging from 22 to 57 years old, including Mr. Betts’s sister, Megan, who was 22. Twenty-seven other people were injured.

- Police response time: 1 minute

The video I saw was of the cops taking him down as he was about to enter the bar. So, he leaves the bar to get his gear and armor, walks back in and shoots it up but when the cops get there, he's trying to get in? How many times does he go in and out, FFS! This one isn't adding up either. Was sis in on it?