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Prayers for this bread & board

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless this bread, this baker, and anons as we work to expose the evil in this world. Give us strength and peace of heart to combat the enemy.

Please forgive us of our sins and help us to stand strong. Please give us the Wisdom to discern evil and detect lies over this medium as we work Your will.

We ask Father that You please protect our children, President Trump, our military, and all anons everywhere from evil. Please also protect our ability to communicate and help those who still sleep to see the Light and accept the Truth. Please give us all strength to resist the lies of the enemy.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy and blessings.

We ask for these things in Jesus' name.


Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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Have been searching for something to leave you (besides s'mores)--my favorite hymn. In English, it's If You Will Trust in God to Guide You. But I first saw it in the film Babette's Feast, where I believe it's in Danish (?).


Baker departing the board, good night (or morning) to all.

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Amen and God Bless all Anons, QTeam, POTUS and FLOTUS

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Had the privilege of posting the first QRB prayer in the 1st bread, and now that we're back up and running it seems like a good idea to re-post (with some grammatic corrections):

Almighty God, You whose name alone is deserving of our thanks and praise from our first breath to last, we humbly ask You, through the Holy Spirit, to protect us and those whom we care about. In the name of your son Jesus, send your warrior angels to guard our President, his family, our government officials and service members, our Nation, our families, our friends and ourselves.

Bless the work of this Board, Oh Mighty Lord of Hosts, that strengthened in hand, mind, spirit and heart, we will seek and find that with which we can defend our Nation, freedom around the world, and establish justice that is worthy in Your eyes.

Before You, God, we are sinners all and we seek forgiveness of our transgressions in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. May His death and life everlasting, through our meager faith, be that solitary thread of lifeline in which our souls may ascend to Your presence in the Home You have prepared for us.

In Your mercy, strengthen, guide, chasten and teach us that we may be better servants to You and our Fellow Man.

We ask this in the name of the Father, and of the Son+, and of the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever.