Update on cloudflare status: We are still on them.

DNS changes may take up to a full day to propagate around the world, and is required as 8ch.net points to cloudflare, and the hostname provided in the headers is how it gets routed.

New provider = new ip.

One hour and one minute until Cloudflare contract expires.

If we go down, try different DNS providers until you get one that gives you a response other than a 104.18.104.X or 104.18.105.X – these are both Cloudflare.

Some DNS providers:

CleanBrowsing - and

Verisign -

AlternateDNS - and

AdGuardDNS - and

I wouldn't reccomend using Cloudflare ( and or google ( and but as a last resort they might be an option.

On both Windows, Linux, and MAC testing a DNS lookup with cache diabled is the same

Step 1:

On windows - open cmd.exe

On Linux/Mac - open a terminal


nslookup 8ch.net

For example, to check CleanBrowsing's result. Replace their ip with any other DNS server to query them.

Output will look like this, with the bold part as the resolved ip:



Non-authoritative answer:

Name: 8ch.net


Name: 8ch.net