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Despite recent events [FFs?], STAY FOCUSED ANONS (espec. on attacks against Q/8chan)

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I'm the guy who posted >>36284 (PB)

My point is, have we become so focused on these FF events (the Dear Lord knows they gave us enough information to keep us all going for days) that we might be missing something big elsewhere?

> Is anyone watching the back door?

And no, it's never a bad idea to check yer 6.

Both in the physical surroundings sense and in awareness of events related to our mission

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Ok, great. Sumbody else picked it up and mentioned it, or had a similar thought. Hive mind. Still valid. As I noted in the PB post, not trying to discourage digs on the FF events, just hoping that we're keeping eyes on elsewhere for snippets that could pass by if we're too focused.

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In general, they appear to be distractions, narrative shaping and I’m sure hoping to attach to Q or anyone they are trying to work against.

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Concur, but distractions from what?

I can't put my finger on it, but this feels more like it was aimed to give us a fresh mystery to tear apart, so we would miss something else of significance somewhere.

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Epstein digs come to mind. Lots of good digs happening there. Then other aspects of MuhRussia narrative falling apart. Then Q posts indicating eminent DECLAS which always bates them into this. Q said to be aware of our surroundings. Clearly they know [they] will do something, but not sure what and try to draw them out. I’m not sure how large it is..but I expect the monster that is the deep state is much bigger than advertised. Their best option is to get them to play their cards as often as they can I guess

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We just had another failed negotiation with Turkey / Syria bullshit. Ceasefire fail.

Rumors that there's about to be a double cross by Turkey- our guys don't have much back-up I guess, then a triple cross on Russia... I don't know why but these are the rumors.

If AOC COS left the building, means AOC is under investigation too.

DECLAS was first to be to Congress , then public, right? Anon thinks they've already seen the declas and know (indictments imminent). They don't want us to know so they're flooding the news cycle to not allow a BREAK.

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Possibilities 1 & 2, I just don't see an angle that prompts 3 FF events in a weekend cycle - I'm keeping in mind the new Nashville Hotel incident.

Possibility 3, though, could be right. Maybe they dropped the info to Congress after the House went out of session. That could explain Pelosi's "we'll own August" remark.

But if it's Antifa coming to the Heartland and the Deep South, summon better tell those fags we still practice the 2nd Amendment in these parts.