JUNE 15, 2019

>8chan affidavit circulates showing that FBI agents post on 8ch, multiple (You)'s in scanned documents

JULY 6, 2019

>Epstein arrest

JULY 8, 2019

>Epstein is charged with sex trafficking of minors

JULY 13, 2019

>massive NYC power outage, American flag remains lit

JULY 18, 2019

>Epstein is denied bail

JULY 23, 2019

>Epstein attempts "suicide"

JULY 27, 2019

>Nunes: "Corn ready for to be cut!"

>POTUS tweets calling out rep. Cummings and asking where the Baltimore money went

JULY 28, 2019

>Gilroy Garlic festival shooting

>House meets for the last scheduled time until September 9, 2019

JULY 29, 2019

>Nancy Pelosi is rumored to be spotted dining with El Chapo's wife in Venice on Dem trip

JULY 30 2019

>Q makes, and then quickly deletes, a series of posts of the Patriots Fight! Board, and Anons grab screenshots for archival

>simultaneously, a significant GET post is made on qresearch by an Anon with 1 post by this ID-crossing the Delaware, pic related, no text

>Q posts 24 hour False Flag warning on Qresearch at around midnight

>FBI report designating channers/Anons as domestic terror threats and naming QAnon circulates through the news cycle

>Q makes a large number of posts on qresearch

JULY 31, 2019

>black moon supermoon

>Navy super hornet crash in Death Valley

AUGUST 1, 2019

>last q post as of yet

AUGUST 2, 2019

>POTUS announces he will not nominate Ratcliffe

AUGUST 3, 2019

>El Paso shooting, case investigated as far-right domestic terrorism, internet rapidly scrubbed of evidence

AUGUST 4, 2019

>Dayton, Ohio shooting

>cloudflare server incident, breads down for a moment