>POTUS tweeted there is a LOT of perhaps 'HOT' intel on the truth of El Paso?

The word "HOT" is often used in the context of Intel Ops

(see graphics)

POTUS uses this word infrequently in his tweets, but usually in terms of information

In US counterintelligence the word is associated with HUMINT. For Example, "HotR" is a DoD acronym for HUMINT On-Line Tasking and Reporting System.

HotR is a web-based software application that supports DoD HUMINT, as well as DoD Counterintelligence.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT). A category of intelligence derived from information collected and provided

by human sources [includes HUMINT enabling]. (ICD 1, 1 May 2006; JP 1-02; JP 2-0, Joint Intelligence,

22 Oct 2013; and DoDD S-5200.37, Management and Execution of Defense HUMINT, 9 Feb 2009)

– Also, a category of intelligence derived from information collected by USG civilian employees or

military personnel. Who are trained and certified HUMINT collectors, and assigned to an organization with

the mission and authority to collect foreign intelligence from human sources in response to validated

intelligence requirements. (DHE-M 3301.002, Vol II Collection Operations, 23 Nov 2010)

– Also, intelligence derived from information collected and provided by human sources. This

intelligence includes overt data collected by personnel in diplomatic and consular posts, as well as

otherwise unobtainable information collected via clandestine sources of information, debriefings of foreign

nationals and U.S. citizens who travel abroad, official contacts with foreign governments, and direct

observation. (National Intelligence: A Consumer’s Guide - 2009)

– Also, [from CIA perspective] vital information from human sources acquired by Core Collectors of

the National Clandestine Service in response to national intelligence requirements. (www.cia.gov, posted

23 Mar 2009) Also see national clandestine service.

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The HUNTER becomes the HUNTED ~Q