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Retweets and screencaps show shooter was Antifa supporter, Anti ICE, Anti Homeland Security et

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Retweets from shooters twitter account dump incoming.

Retweets show shooter was -

- Antifa supporter

- Anti ICE

- Anti Homeland Security

- For open borders

- Anti Trump

- Anti QAnon

- Leftist

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Dayton suspect disliked QAnon

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hated? he wanted to kill us Q "cultists"

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Pro antifa, check.

Anti police, check.

Pro conservative violence, check.

Shtity comparison of QAnon to a cult (Aum Shinryikyo), check.

Luciferianism, check.






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All of these are off the Dayton shooters twitter.

Dude was a satanist socialist.

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Shooter hated white nationalists and nazis

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Dayton shooter twitter

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Shooter on Antifa