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Trump threatens France w/wine tax ( ); anons discuss wines & digs

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Kek. Wine - a gutshot to the French. Strikes at the heart of their national identity. Muh culture. Muh haute cuisine. Moh vin et fromage.

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And another pointer to wines and possibly the addition of human brain material to certain wines.

I once pointed out that brains have been used historically for millennia to tan leather due to its tannins.

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>What's the link to human brain matter with wine?

There were lots of digs on this, especially when it came out that Pelosi owns a winery full of spoopiness.

It was speculated that adrenochrome,extracted from the pineal gland, may be added to certain wines, especially the very expensive ones.

My addition was little more than making the connection between brains and tannic acid (the substance that makes the tongue feel furry from red wine and other high tannin beverages such as tea).

I'm sure a quick search on qresear.ch will point you in the right direction.

>Connect the dots for us with authoritative info, and describe the explicit connections you see to it.

I shall forego the sarcastic response to this that sprang to mind .

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There are a number of Ratschild wine brands in France, but I think the most well-known is Chateau Mouton Ratschild.

I don't speak French and was curious what Mouton translates to and found the answer interesting to say the least.

Mouton has the same root as mutton, which doesn't sound very glamorous, but there are some other, shall we say, more interesting less common uses for Mouton as well - pic related