DHS Kevin McAleenan Puts Guatemalan Migrants on Fast Track Home

A quiet deal with Guatemala is allowing U.S. border agencies to send Guatemalan migrants home without any delays to get travel documents, Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Breitbart News.

“On Friday, we will be repatriating single adults and family units, about 135, that did not have to wait for travel documents from the Guatemalan consul,” he said July 25. “We expect to make this a routine practice that will limit time in custody, accelerate repatriations, and create a deterrent impact. It will save two to four days, on average.”

The quicker return of migrants helps to reduce the numbers in U.S. detention centers, and it reduces the overcrowding pressure which forces officials to release migrants into the United States to take jobs from Americans and to plead for asylum.

The faster deportations to Guatemala is a useful win in broader back-and-forth political struggle with the establishment of pro-migration politicians, judges, investors, and activists throughout the United States. In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has pocketed gains — a shift in public opinion in Mexico and new U.S. repatriation policies, for example — and taken losses, such as a California judge’s decision to block Trump’s reforms of asylum procedures.

The new Guatemalan repatriation process is one of several gains from a round of border meetings held with Guatemalan and Honduran officials in mid-June, McAleenan said.

The round of meetings reportedly triggered a dispute with White House officials who noted the meetings coincided with “World Refugee Day.” The day is an annual agitprop event created by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which pushes for greater migration into the United States:

Around the world, communities, schools, businesses, faith groups and people from all walks of life are taking big and small steps in solidarity with refugees. This World Refugee Day, we challenge everyone to join together and take a step with refugees. Join the movement.

“We had long-standing plans to bring the First Ladies of Guatemala and Honduras, their ministers of security, their ministers of foreign affairs, to the border to see the challenges we’re facing with their nationals in our custody, and the fact that these are the two countries that are sending the most immigrants to our border that our crossing illegally every month of this fiscal year,” McAleenan said. He continued:

We wanted them to understand the conditions that we’re are facing in this crisis and to do more on their end to stop the [migrants] coming in the first place. One we had that trip organized, and commitments from those senior-level people, we were not going to cancel it. None of us were aware that this was World Refugee Day.