That the dome is an aluminum frame skeleton structure stretched and skinned with an outdoor poly vinyl awning fabric has been my theory for a while. Couldn’t get much traction here a last week.

That’s how it goes. A bar I worked at had a half done over the windows out front. Used to have to clean them. Looked just like that dome.

You can see a gap in the dome in this shot. You can see the rib frames between the gap where the ribs terminate into mount points.

At least that’s what I see.

What was under the dome? Dunno. I wanna say more comm equip. Some wanna say HVAC. Ok.

None can say for sure now because whatever it was under there left with the dome. But...there’s something still there. Mounting brackets? Who knows. That is speculation. The dome construct I stand by. It’s a faux dome. It just makes sense to build it that way. He was going for effect, not function.