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U.S. reinstates death penalty, AG William Barr orders execution of 5 Child Murderers

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Well here's something interdasting.....

U.S. reinstates death penalty, AG William Barr orders execution of 5 federal inmates

Justice Department says federal government re-starting capital punishment after nearly 2 decades. AG Barr ordered 5 inmates executed ASAP under new policy.

Donald Trump's U.S. Department of Justice today announced big death penalty news.

DoJ is reinstating death penalty at federal level, ordering the prompt killing of 5 federal death row inmates, and changing its lethal injection procedure from 3 drugs, the old standard method for killing prisoners, to the single drug Pentobarbital.

The 3-to-1 drug change mirrors moves made by multiple U.S. states which have struggled to acquire the multiple-drug cocktail for their state level executions.

“The last federal execution was in 2003, per the Bureau of Prisons,” notes Buzzfeed's Zoe Tillman. “There have been 37 federal executions from 1927 to 2003.”


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Federal Government Brings Back Executions, Starting With 5 Child Murderers

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