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QRC will drop listing of QR notables (redundant; anons go direct to QR for info)

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Can't Bakers link to the QR breads? Not each Notable within the bread but just the breads?

That would be useful.

Like: While Anons were working, QR produced these: ###

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Proposal to stop listing QR notables on QRB

>>29544, >>29547, >>29562, >>29613, >>29647, >>29677, >>29737, >>29745, >>29586, >>29599

Seems like the general consensus is that at QRB we get lots of good info from QR, but just by going there, not thru notables list posted on QRB notables page. Based on the above discussion, sounds like both anons and bakers are ok with no longer keeping that list of Previously Collected Notables: qresearch at the bottom of the Notables page.

Will post on next notables list.

baker frb assuming baking responsibility

>>29151 (dough post tag)

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Ok, that didn't sound right. Clarify:

QR has good notables often, but this is a separate board and most notables come from outside news sources anyway. No need for dual tracking.

Didn't mean to dis QR with the drudge comment.

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Anons always report Q posts to QRB right away, along with their content and often a CAP. They also bring over anything relevant to QRB diggs. Link is thus redundant and extra work for small baking crew. But if you would like to volunteer to take on that job..... ;=]

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Yes, and anons in fact do bring over anything really "juicy" from QR. Frankly, I agree about notable quality. We simply have more time here. Also, a lot of serious diggers (bc long breds make group diggs possible, I think). And yes, there is the potential for greater refinement--a potential which is often fulfilled.