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Epstein Island pump/ventilation system DIGG

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For the curious.

I think it’s a large pump usually used with fountains or pools.

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Yeah, I had koi ponds and similar. But they can be used to pump sewage UP from under ground. They have enough water features to make It less suspect

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I have a feeling a centrifugal pump like that would struggle to lift any liquid 20 feet vertical.

The vertical lift of a liquid is not easy. Centrifugal pumps of any kind are not really good for high pressure or high lift applications. To de-water a deep area you would be best-off pressurizing the entire area with a set of airlocks and having higher than ambient pressure that is high enough to simply cause the water to rise in the pipe to the exit locaiton... or force it back from whence it came. This is how they dewater in mining application or underwater tunnel (DUMB)systems and such.

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Many use something like this if not too much required in sub levels.

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Dude... That "Vent" in this pic looks EXACTLY like the vents on Epstein island... So this cold be the dewatering pump system for the lower level... and yes... if it was not super-deep it could use a centrifugal pump at the scale of that building and move a hell of a lot of water.

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But these are ventilation. (IMO ... industrial architect fag in a past life)

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So let’s look at this topography and location relative to the temple

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better shot

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At least 30’ in depth. Then quite an elaborate tunnel running all the way to that area. There is probably an entrance from the other building nearby. I’m working to identify the many structures. I believe the generator is right there also in the U shaped structure. There’s some unusual build up of the land behind it.

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Generator. Right by the fuel (as it should be)

The sunken concrete bit caught my eye too. Not sure of the function.

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Yeah you wouldn't want to lose your tunnel to water because of gen failure from lack of fuel. Another thing that gets my attention is that they made this building literally a parking lot. They even had that heavy dumptruck on the top of that building at one point. ... Why? Why all that reinforcement. Like there is nowhere else to park the waaambulance.

SUnken concrete could simply be a spill control feature for the fuel systems? A bumper thing so some worker doesn't hit it with a truck maybe?

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Agree. It’s heavy duty steel construction along those areas.