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Epstein Island Tennis Court, Not Always a Tennis Court?

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>>28798 lb

>-The Tennis court was real, and installed in 2014. Hurricane Irma did not visibly damage the court from satellite photos, it was purposely dismantled and excavated about 4 months after.

You are not the only anon whose comments go, apparently, ignored anon. You posted that the tennis court was excavated apparently for no reason.

BUT NOONE IS COMMENTING ON THE FACT THAT Q POSTED “EPSTEIN ISLAND” ON 11/11/17 IN Q POST 133 (56 days before the pic showing the tennis court exhumed in certain places.)!

56 days might seem like a lot of time after Q post 133 but, remember, we have no in-between satellite photos of the tennis court- so it could have been dug up a lot sooner after the Q post. We do know it was dug up after 11/27/17 though per last pic of intact tennis court.

Also, to be remembered, Q had only started posting 12 or 13 days prior to the 11/11/17 post. Word had not gotten out much about Q and we are not sure when the Deep State first knew of Q. And two weeks after the Q drop, the tennis court was still intact.

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Totally always just a tennis court

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maybe the "tennis court" area was actually a graveyard/ boneyard.

excavation took place to remove evidence of burials and dump bones in the ocean or crush them, throw in ocean

the sacrificial children were mostly eaten, but some remains needed to be hidden

cremation on the island not practical

grisly thoughts, but not far-fetched imho