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Post talked about Mueller as a dirty Marine. During the Mueller grilling by Congress, much was made about honoring his service as a Marine. Afterwards, Mueller was roundly disrespected for his inadequate performance. In other news recently, 16 Camp Pendleton Marines were arrested on human smuggling and drug-related allegations. Will there be a 17th? Also, 20 members of Navy Seal Team 7 being sent back from Iraq for drinking while deployed. In addition, one of the senior enlisted SEALs in that platoon reportedly sexually assaulted a female service member working with that platoon. Plus, 10 SEALs from SEAL Team 10, based in Virginia, tested positive for using cocaine earlier this year. Yet another sailer from a minesweeper was nabbed for allegedly importing ecstasy and LSD to distribute in California.

Not exactly the picture of straight-as-an-arrow, honorable heroes. Not allowed to break the laws with impunity, not even a little bit.

Wonder if Q and the team are preparing the country and the world for the toppling of icons and celebrities who were formerly revered and will now be scorned due to their predilections and behaviors? OJ, Cosby, and their fellow former stars were just the start!