This is an epic picture of Guatemala signing with the US the 1st safe country agreement. But more than that, President Trump appears to have the Holy Spirit over him. This picture is one for the ages

I want to thank Mexico. As you know, Enrique, the Mexican government, the President of Mexico, has now 21,000 troops on our double borders — on their border. By you, they have about 6,000. And then, on our southern border, they have — getting close to 20,000 by itself. It’s going to probably be about 26,000 people total — soldiers. And very good ones. It’s had a tremendous impact. Really an incredible impact.

So, Kevin, if you look at what’s happened over the last short period of time, it’s really been great. Now, if the Democrats would sign something, it would be a lot easier. But we have to do it around the Democrats because they refuse to want to close up the border. They want open borders. That means smugglers, it means hijackers, it means drugs, it means crime. It’s frankly, a disgrace.

But with Guatemala and with Mexico, and with other countries that will be signing safe third agreements very shortly, we’re doing really well.

I want to thank — if I might, Enrique — the President of Guatemala, President Morales. Please give him my regards.


THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. He’s a terrific guy. We like him very much. And we’ve worked together really, really well.

So if you two gentlemen would sit down, Kevin and Enrique, and you’ll sign. I’ll stand right behind you. This way, I’ll confirm it.

This picture appears to me to be an anointing!