Former President Clinton himself wrote that he has been participant to ceremonies where "spirits arrived, seized a woman and a man;" and he also wrote that in one of these dark rituals "a woman, in a frenzy, screamed repeatedly, then grabbed a live chicken and bit its head off."


Newly leaked e-mails by Wikileaks seem to indicate that to the Clintons, their trips to Haiti were more than just vacations for profit, that the woman who may be the next leader of the free world is not a Christian and instead believes in casting spells and sacrificing animals and possibly children.


Beauvoir was born in 1939 in a Haitian village; his father was a physician. His years abroad came to an end in 1974 when he returned to Haiti to see his grandfather, a voodoo priest, who was on his deathbed. As he looked around the room at the family members, he pointed to Beauvoir, telling him, “You take over.” Beauvoir decided to do so – “It was not the sort of thing you could refuse,” he said. He founded Le Péristyle de Mariani, a Hounfour, or voodoo temple, in his home, south of Port des Princes (it also served as the village clinic).

In 1975 Bill and Hillary Clinton honeymooned on Haiti, meeting Beauvoir and attending a ceremony. “After several minutes of rhythmic dancing to pounding drums, the spirits arrived, seizing a woman and a man,” Bill Clinton recalled. “The man proceeded to rub a burning torch all over his body and walk on hot coals without being burnt. The woman screamed repeatedly, then grabbed a live chicken and bit its head off.”


sauce: http://www.abreureport.com/2016/11/wikileaks-exposes-clinton-obsession.html