ADL continues anti-speech pushing over boogeyman of Online Game harassment

They even drop "GamerGate" references!

>"Video game playing fields are too often venomous playing fields.

>A bisexual player in Activision Blizzard's popular online first-person shooter game "Overwatch" reported being sick to his stomach after being subjected to transphobic and homophobic slurs.

>A Jewish player says he was told in an unnamed online game that he belonged in Auschwitz.

>And an African American participant claimed to be harassed in yet another multiplayer game for "sounding black."

>These were among the U.S. online gamers who anonymously voiced their experiences as part of a new survey on gaming and harassment, released today by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Technology & Society.

>Toxicity, prejudice and outright hatred have long occupied the darkest corridors of cyber-gaming. Just think back to 2014, when the vitriolic threats against women known as "Gamergate" peaked."