Pool Report with POTUS's quotes on Obama

Subject: In-town pool #8: on Obama


35 minutes ago

From: "Krantz, Laura"

Date: July 26, 2019 at 4:46:53 PM EDT

More from Oval: POTUS suggests subpoenaing Obama records, book deal

POTUS watched Mueller hearings

On Dems: "all they want to do is impede, they want to investigate, they want to go fishing"

"I watched Bob Mueller and they have nothing. There is no collusion, there is no obstruction, they have nothing. It's a disgrace.

Suggest they look into Obama in the same fashion.

"Let's look into Obama the way they've looked at me."

Could look into Obama's book deal.

"Let's subpoena all of his records."

Subpoena all the records having to do with all the "nonsense that went on with Clinton and her foundation."

"Frankly the Republicans were gentlemen and women. When we had the majority in the House they didn't do subpoenas all day long."