Maybe worth noting that

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi changed his twat header

shortly after tweeting about Omar's acts of Treason.

Originally it had him with Nikki Haley.

Also, just a follow up to complete @Imamofpeace JUL15 Thread

>>7187617 (9196)

>no comments on what I though was a BIG Drop last bread; so, linking again.

>Congresswoman Omar called out for 'TREASON' by World "Peace Advocate"

>>7186679 (9196)

>Twat Thread calling out TREASON

by "A Congresswoman"


__#19## You cannot frame me, you fool You’d be framing yourself. No need to trap Mrs. Mole She will fall into it by herself. **** You can’t help it can you, keep digging! Can’t wait for you to see me testify in Congress. End of Part 1 of this thread.


For transparency, I say: That I have made personal decisions at the moment that concern me alone, and nobody else. I will make these matters public in the near future. When I do, I will quote retweet this tweet for context. Never fear tyrant Govs. Fool and expose them instead.