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Harvey Weinstein's brother…

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Hory sheet anons.

The guy that helped Dutreux kill the young girls, Bernard Weinstein, whom Dutreux later murdered, was Harvey Weinstein's brother..


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Baker, the Weinstein's are very active in France.

Its very possible Bernard was Weinsteins unspoken illegitimate brother.

The French-made silent film The Artist raked it in at the Oscars, and now a grateful nation is saying merci to its American champion and cheerleader, studio honcho Harvey Weinstein.

The New York Times reported on Friday that Weinstein will be decorated with the rank of chevalier in France's Legion of Honor at a ceremony in Paris, probably next Wednesday. "I'm just really thrilled," the producer and Weinstein Co. co-founder gushed. "I'm a kid from Flushing. It's the biggest honor I could ever dream of."

According to The Times, French officials alerted Weinstein that he was being considered for the honor back in June, and President Nicolas Sarkozy sealed the deal with a letter in July. But Weinstein, ever the clever mogul, asked his foreign admirers to wait a bit, worried that reveling in his mutual love affair with France might draw attention away from his Artist awards campaign back home


I posted the link, that is sauce. I didn't make it up.

Leave it in notables with a question mark and leave it up to anons to decide. Could be huge for later findings….

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