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Anons discuss "Save the Chidren", Epstein "tennis courts", secret WH party (Obama)

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Mornin' fren.

Came by to see who was discussing this drop. Found the tennis sign to be interesting. More and more convinced that the tennis court was a tarp.

Also, was sent this morning two articles in the War Street Journal that were clear signs the optics are improving.

Justice is coming.

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I guess I'll keep posting this since people don't seem to understand 3D mesh and texture projection warping.

The Tennis Court was real and physically installed in 2014 over the original Bermed in ritual site.

Google Earth images first show a damaged/excavated Tennis court on 1/6/2018. Over the subsequent months, the clay and gravel material was removed or turned into the soil.

Google algorithms created the warped imagery by stitching 2D satellite photos using information from old 3D Topographic data. As shown in the chronological image, there used to be a mountain peak that was excavated and leveled off then turned into the ritual site. All images afterward are attempting to map a flat image onto a cone shaped 3D mesh that is about 50 feet taller than today's topography.

So- Yes, the original site was built for ritual significance, aligned astronomically, see the QR epstein island research thread for more speculation on that topic.

-The Tennis court was real, and installed in 2014. Hurricane Irma did not visibly damage the court from satellite photos, it was purposely dismantled and excavated about 4 months after.

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the secret WH halloween party a few years back

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Here's it being posted next door in #9209.

It was seconded for a notable.


... where the links were posted with the graphic as clickable: