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Planefag reports (now includes mystery balloons)

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Alright nite-0wl fags. So please peruse attached photo. I can’t sleep tonight again and we all

Know why .... so I’m checking the skies cuz I like plane fagging... I saw the cool new graphic for Helium Balloons. Cool. Thinking it was a weather balloon or some such. Then I looked at the track and I said... who the heck launches balloons from the middle of the friggin ocean ???? Someone please assure me that this is not weaponized and all’s well in the middle of the night. Thanks.

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Here’s additional info in the balloons. This is applying a filter to show aircraft 50k or higher. These balloons are floating around at 51k. The two planes are unmarked at 60k which = spyplanes. No biggie happens all the time. But those balloons??? I would ♥️ To say weather but they don’t fit the pattern. I’m going with Military and hope to pieces they are on our side and the US military is testing out ..... something. Nite all.