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Cuomo and Epstein (Island) connections

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Farkas financed Cuomo's political rise to power, it seems.

At first Cuomo, was mad about Farkas' illegal HUD kickbacks. Mad that he wasn't getting any, I guess. Farkas fixed that for him.

Cuomo later raked it in working for Farkas' Island Capital, which specializes in Dubai and Caribbean luxury marinas.


What other lines might Cuomo have crossed?

What could possibly have been happening at Caribbean marinas in 2004 and 2005?


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Cuomo was in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti in 1998 for aftermath of Hurricane Georges.

Epstein bought LSJ island sometime in 1998.

Where were they all, back in the day?

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Cuomo Virgin Islands Sept 2017.

Aftermath of Irma (invited by VI Governor).

>Cuomo's trip comes a week after he traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands at the invitation of the territory's governor to see the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.


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Cuomo definitely did work for Island Capital in the Virgin Islands (2004-2005 period).

>According to the tax returns he released earlier this week, Mr. Cuomo earned $660,238 from Island Capital Group, a real-estate investment firm, in his first full year of consulting for them on the Palm project and on the development of a waterfront community in the U.S. Virgin Islands.