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News on Farkas financing Cuomo and other notes

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This Andrew Farkas, who had Epstein as secret partner in marina business?

Farkas PEDO-philanthropy associations:

NARAL (original acronym for org formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws)

The Doe Fund is a nonprofit organization in the United States that provides paid transitional work, housing, educational opportunities, counseling, and career training to people with histories of homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse.

The Young Women’s Leadership Network

Are we painting a picture now?

Define pipeline.




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“His new girlfriend is still at Harvard and younger than his daughter from his first marriage. He has rented a house in the North Haven area for the girlfriend, who is from Pakistan, and they are partying it up with her friends.” Farkas also owns the fancy Montauk Yacht Club.



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I'm not saying Tawhidi's 'Manhattan Businessman' is Farkas. But he did just sell them his Manhattan townhouse for $42.5 million. Two hundred percent of market value?


>Maids' quarters


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Definitely worthy of further digging. As it's slow, I'm inclined to put as


Any seconds?

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Surname "Farkas" is Hungarian.

Wikipedia says:

Farkas (Hungarian: Wolf) is a Hungarian surname or a given name (the last corresponds in the Catholic tradition to the German name Wolfgang).

Geneology site https://www.hebrewsurnames.com/FARKAS says pic related.