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Epstein case update

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The protective order being agreed on in JE criminal case is an extremely interesting subject. They are not agreeing to seal the records.

This is about discovery exchange.

I think it also gives insight into the possibility that JE squeals on thousands in open public Court about ALL details in exchange for some freedoms.

A protective order is often used in situations like that.

The results of public access are the same or at least similar enough, but the intent is different.

In many ways, it is much better to have someone admit to EVERYTHING in a televised public allocution.

This is the best way to introduce the World to satanic ritual sex abuse.

It is much better than trying to arrest someone for that and wait years for a trial to find them guilty in order for people to believe and understand the full scope of evil.

Get 1 person to tell it all and arrest the others. The reality is already out in the World by then.

Greta read in the difference between sealing records or a protective order


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This was a notable on QR.

Doesn't it seem odd that prime beach front real estate would be taken up by engineering buildings and HVAC systems. If you look at the island there really isn't that much beach front property.

Having these systems close to the water must have been a really big deal in order to give up that breach.