Disney Kings Mountain NC

Site: Disney Kings Mountain NC

Company: Disney

Region: North Carolina Data Center Corridor

State: North Carolina

Country: United States

Region: North America

Address: 138 Riverside Ct, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Total Building SqFt: 98,950

Usable SqFt: 32,650

Total Power: 20.0 Megawatts

PUE: 1.25

The 98,950 sf data center facility is equipped with two computer room pods. The pods are designed to support ~ 300 watts per square foot. The campus is designed to be expandable to support another 2 more buildings.

32,650 sf of Data Center white space Phase 1

Design with hardened architecture and structural importance factors

Expandable to approximately 98,000 sf of white space in multiple phases.

20 MW critical power to racks in multiple phases

Tier III Concurrent maintainable

LEED Silver candidate/certified

Single Panel Integration control system utilizing cloud computing (EPMS, BMMS, BCAS)

Tier 4 compliant continuous rated prime generation

Gallery infrastructure design for AHU’s

75 degree supply air to the equipment racks

UL 900 Class 1/2 clean filtration systems

Air Control/Balanced flow technology

Air economizer

Gaseous and particulate monitoring

ASHRAE TC9.9 requirements and features

Target PUE 1.25