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Before leaving office Clinton WH designates further protection of "U.S. Virgin Island Coral Reef National Monument

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first weeks in office

U.S. Virgin Island Coral Reef National Monument. The U.S. Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument includes 12,708 acres of federal submerged lands within the 3-mile belt off of St. John, including Hurricane Hole and areas north and south of St. John. The area contains all the elements of a Caribbean tropical marine ecosystem. This designation furthers the protection of the scientific objects included in the Virgin Islands National Park.

Buck Island Reef National Monument (expansion). The Buck Island Reef National Monument expansion includes 18,135 marine acres of federal submerged lands off of St. Croix, within the 3-mile belt around Buck Island. Buck Island Reef National Monument was established on December 28, 1961 by Presidential proclamation just north of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The 1961 proclamation describes Buck Island and its adjoining shoals, rocks, and undersea coral reef formations as "one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea," which are of "great scientific interest and educational value to students of the sea and to the public."

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made a mistake baker

bill clinton expanded buck island 3 days before leaving office not entering