Patriot Anons

When Flynn posted the Besty Ross Flag on July 24th 2016 2 days ahead of the 26th


Flynn's photo is on the 6th star & 5 stripes are showing as in 6x5=30 as in Done in 30

Are we to think Flynn will be done today July 26th 2019 it could be possible

When Q said at one time Number(s) do not always equate to days.

Could 6x5=30 be a clue as in Done in 30 it's possible

1776 Besty Ross flag has 13 stars & 13 stripes representing the 13 colonies

13 stars & 13 stripes = 26

Now thinking Done in 30 on the 26th

If you date July 27th - Aug 26th 2019 it would be 30 days

Now thinking about Marker 2 the 27th

Marker 1 July 19th 2019 the start & Marker 2 the end on July 27th 2019 as in A WEEK TO REMEMBER

Will Flynn be done on July 27th 2019


Will Flynn done on Aug 26th 2019 as in starting a countdown from July 27th 2019 to Aug 26th 2019

We shall find out soon all due in good time