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Island of Eggstein digs and other property

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>>7199314 (lb)

Looks like that crappy webpage was prior to Epstein ownership.

Digital detritus maybe


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Good morning Anons,

Could anyone show location on this picture of the underground doors? Last night we were talking about earth moving, and truck route evidence of excavation.

Picture one is the island. If my theory is correct.. these blue/green doors will be lower than the tennis courts please edit map, and locate pieces of interest, (door ways)

Pic two is. Quarry I have frequented as a "Trucker"

I see similarities here, another anon and I figured appox 60 truckloads of dirt make up the sloped areas of the tennis courts (10-14 cubic yards) "20 tons" per truck.

The roads indicate a gradual incline as to be easy on heavy equipment, (trucks can't pull hard grades heavy *steep inclines* for long periods of time)

My gut is telling me, the the tennis courts are the roof to the entire underground complex.. the dirt excavated laid overtop of the facility..

Almost done like a landfill..

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The Nautilus Symbol on Epstein Island might be a symbol related to star constellations as well, as the nautilus is often regarded as a representation of the The Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio, usually denoted by the Greek letter ϕ (phi), is equal to the never-repeating, never-ending number 1.6180339887… Where can such an irrational number show up in astronomy? First, it appears in an astronomical symbol. Most people use the pentagram — the five-pointed star (Figure 1) — as a symbol for a star (this reflects the twinkling of stars due to the Earth’s atmosphere). In the pentagram, in each one of the five side triangles, the ratio of the side to the base is precisely equal to ϕ. Second, when Plato wanted to discuss the cosmos as a whole in his celebrated Timaeus, he chose the dodecahedron (Figure 2) as the shape “which the god used for embroidering the constellations on the whole heaven.” The dodecahedron has the Golden Ratio written all over it. If you take a dodecahedron with an edge length of 1 unit, its volume is equal to 5ϕ3/(6 - 2ϕ) units. In a surprising turn of events, in 2003 a few cosmologists proposed that some observations of the “afterglow of creation” — the cosmic microwave background — could be explained if the universe is in fact finite, and shaped like a dodecahedron! It would have been truly amusing if Plato were right after all. However, more detailed analyses of the data indicate that the universe is infinite and geometrically flat.

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Another thing, what is up with this MASSIVE glare on the main property of the ranch? (Before you get to the residence)

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Ummm guise, anons suggested nuclear silos (which I scoffed at)… but…


Pic Related.

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Don't know if this has been mentioned, but the first time Q said "cast of characters" it was lower-case. Second time was "Cast of Characters are known" or "CoC are known". I wonder if Q's "[intended] message" was they know the Chain of Command for the Epstein related stuff.

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