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Timestamp Analysis: Drone Anon (aka: Rusty Shackleford) plus Moar!

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Buckle Up, Patriots!

Timestamp Analysis: Drone Anon (aka: Rusty Shackleford)

Rusty Shackleford (aka: Drone Anon) has posted 29 videos on YouTube showcasing his drone-camera footage of Little St. James (aka: Epstein Island). His footage of the island and its many curiosities is excellent, and unmatched (afaik). He does an excellent job flying / positioning the drone and also choosing what to focus on.

After watching all of his videos yesterday—and screen-capping the heck out of 'em—I decided to take a look at the timestamps of his videos to see if anything stood out as potentially-relevant. As I scrolled down the list thumbnails (scanning the timestamps), I noticed something rather conspicuous: approximately one-third of his videos (11, to be precise) share an identical timestamp of 4:52. Hmmmm…

A quick search for "452" on qmap.pub returned a total of three results (Q-452; Q-802; & Q-2478), which individually—and collectively—strike me as pretty interesting. I should add: the relevance of Q-802 and Q-2478 wasn't readily apparent, until I looked at the urls linking each drop to its respective original post on 8chan. As it turns out, each of these drops points to a Q-post-452—one on patriotsfight, and one on greatawakening.

I've attached a screen-cap from qmap.pub showing all 3 drops together. Links to the three drops are below for anyone interested:

- https://8ch.net/cbts/res/158326.html#158439

- https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/440.html#452

- https://8ch.net/greatawakening/res/0.html#452

Before tackling the analysis of these three drops (which I will save for a subsequent post), I want to first provide the "raw materials" of this dataset, for any anons who feel like doing their own digging. The table below (technically a tab-delimited list) provides the list of Drone Anon's video timestamps. The leftmost column provides the sequence # (from 1-30, listed from oldest to newest); the middle two columns show the timestamp value for each video (with the 11 aforementioned videos indented); the rightmost column lists the video title (suffix only) for each video. (Note: I have retained what I estimate are a couple errors in the naming convention, because I don't necessarily know that they're errors.)

Videos [11] w/ identical length (4:52): 4-6-10-12-14-16-18-20-24-26-28

1 0:25 1

2 0:37 2

3 0:12 3

4 4:52 3 (1/2)

5 3:15 3 (2/2)

6 4:52 4 (1/2)

7 1:42 4 (2/2)

8 1:56 5 (1/2)

9 3:10 5 (2/2)

10 4:52 6 (1/2)

11 1:32 6 (2/2)

12 4:52 7 (1/2)

13 2:53 4 (2/2)

14 4:52 8 (1/2)

15 3:20 8 (2/2)

16 4:52 9

17 2:37 DJI 0017

18 4:52 DJI 0018

19 1:27 DJI 0019

20 4:52 DJI 0020

21 1:39 DJI 0021

22 6:04 Great St. James

23 4:27 DJI 0006

24 4:52 DJI 0022

25 2:18 DJI 0023

26 4:52 DJI 0024

27 1:04 DJI 0025

28 4:52 DJI 0026

29 2:05 DJI 0027

30 [exactly 30] ?

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screen caps of Rusty Shackleford (aka: Drone Anon) video thumbnails of drone footage taken of Little St. James (aka: Epstein Island).

Anons, feel free to begin digging on this.

It's surely not "coincidental" that 11 of 29 videos all have lengths of 4:52.

- What does it point to (see above)

- What about the other timestamps (i.e., lengths)? Relevant?

Dig, Dig, Dig… and Godspeed to all Patriots!

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some highlights and important observations for those who've missed this material:

*Why Epstein's Temple isn't actually a temple:*

_Temples (generally):_

- temples are meant to worship higher power(s)

- for this reason, temples are built w/ fine materials

- every temple I know of is/was made of stone… typically hewn stone:

—Solomon's Temple

—Scottish Rite Temple (in Washington DC)

—Masonic temples (in major cities worldwide)

—Egyptian temples

—Buddhist Temples (etc.)

_Epstein's "temple"_

- is made of drywall / plywood

- featured a faux "gold" dome (that blew away w/ the wind)

- uses a Trompe-l'œil (clever paint job) to look fancier than it is

- has scaffolding and other junk in it

- is barely large enough to accommodate more than a few people

_Think about it:_

If a 'god' was important enough to warrant the construction of a temple, would that 'god' be pleased:

- with a ramshackle box made of drywall, plywood, etc.?

- with an economical (cheap) effort from a literal billionaire?

- that said billionaire's own home(s) were stone, but he built the temple on the cheap?


- The so-called "temple" on Epstein's Island was not an actual temple.


- why, then, build a faux temple when it would only draw attention and intrigue?

- why would he build a cheap structure when he could afford nice construction?

- what IS under the "temple"?


- The temple-like building was designed to give legal cover to prevent law enforcement from searching or surveilling under protection of "religious activity".

- Cheap construction was intended to make it easy to knock down if needed

- particular style was chosen for its vagueness; (Islamic? Jewish? Pagan? Egyptian?)

- the underground facilities were perhaps related to "breeding" children

- with all the sex going on on the island, how come nobody ever asks: did anyone get pregnant? Knowing what we know about world leaders (Hitler/Merkel; Trudeau/Castro; Rockefeller/Clinton), etc.), does anyone think that these people were diversifying their genealogies, and prepping the next generation of leaders?

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Batch 1: screen caps from Drone Anon revealing structures to be something other than what they appear to be until viewed close up.

Thanks to Rusty Shackleford (Drone Anon)

ahem… Rusty Shackle For D's?

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Batch 2: screen caps from Drone Anon revealing more about structures which appear to be something other than what they actually are until viewed close up.

Thanks to Rusty Shackleford (Drone Anon)

ahem… Rusty Shackle For D's?

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Reminds me of slave quarters or a jail.