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lil and greater St. James Islands diggs

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Q highlighted this for a reason. THIS is the real entrance to the underground, and it's directly beneath the "temple."

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Did you know Greater St. James has a large watertankl underground… (could be drained and used for….?

9000 gallons

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from last bread

heat map - size matches

needs overlaying

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Mornin' anons. Saw these picks and wanted to offer a plausible idea for what we are seeing.

I used to live in Spain during the first half of the eighties on the ninth floor of an apartment building. Every window in each apartment and every storefront and window at street level had these types of roll up "shades" for lack of a better term, that were literally invisible when rolled up but provided a very strong and durable "shade" that could be 100% blackout when fully down and when rolled up slightly revealed a row of holes between each slat in the shade for minimal lighting and could be raised up any other distance up to full open. They were quite cool actually. They rolled up into a cavity above the window by way of a wide cotton strap on the right side of the window on the inside and this was easily concealed behind the edge of curtains. The strap resembled oil lamp wick or kerosene heater wick.

I'd love to buy some for my current home but I have no idea what they are called. At ground level they were usually heavy duty metal but above ground level they were made from a heavy duty plastic I think, Very handy for blocking out heat of the Sun in in summer, adding security when you were away and protecting windows and screens from storms.

Pedo island would be subject to severe winds including hurricanes quite frequently and it would make sense to put them down on building not in use especially when you are away for both security and storm protection.

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The Bunker Pic reminded me of the "Tennis Court". Anons - Possibility?

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Great twatter thread - Epstein's temple ties it all together. Canaanites. Aleppo