Temples (generally):

- temples are meant to worship higher power(s)

- for this reason, temples are built w/ fine materials

- every temple I know of is/was made of stone… typically hewn stone:

—Solomon's Temple

—Scottish Rite Temple (in Washington DC)

—Masonic temples (in major cities worldwide)

—Egyptian temples

—Buddhist Temples (etc.)

Epstein's "temple"

- is made of drywall

- featured a faux "gold" dome (that blew away w/ the wind)

- is adorned w/ a either a vinyl wrap or basic paint job (I can't tell which)


- has scaffolding and other junk in it

- is barely large enough to accommodate more than a few people

Think about it:

If a 'god' was important enough to warrant the construction of a temple, would that 'god' be pleased:

- with a ramshackle box made of drywall, plywood, etc.?

- with an economical (cheap) effort from a literal billionaire?

- that said billionaire's own home(s) were stone, but he built the temple on the cheap?


- The so-called "temple" on Epstein's Island was not an actual temple.


- why, then, build a faux temple when it would only draw attention and intrigue?

- why would he build a cheap structure when he could afford nice construction?

- what IS under the "temple"?


- The temple-like building was designed to give legal cover to prevent law enforcement from searching or surveilling under protection of "religious activity".

- Cheap construction was intended to make it easy to knock down if needed

- particular style was chosen for its vagueness; (Islamic? Jewish? Pagan? Egyptian?)

- the underground facilities were perhaps related to "breeding" children

- with all the sex going on on the island, how come nobody ever asks: did anyone get pregnant? Knowing what we know about world leaders (Hitler/Merkel; Trudeau/Castro; Rockefeller/Clinton), etc.), does anyone think that these people were diversifying their genealogies, and prepping the next generation of leaders?