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Disney Carib. Cruises; Ports as trafficking hubs?

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Disney Caribbean cruises depart from Miami Fl

Which is in Broward county. Broward.

Miami is the world's LARGEST cruise port. Miami cruise ships ship out over 4,898 MILLION PASSENGERS PER YEAR

The Disney Magic has 11 decks


Jesus Christ, anons. The slave ships never stopped, did they?

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no…and remember many many breads ago in 2018 we were digging on the Red Cross…and Q had us looking at the Medical Hospital ships.

There was sumptin hinky about them boats we could not quite get. I wonder…possible human trafficking via the med ships?

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aheeem.. Port Canaveral Florida..


Who leases? Hussein's buddy, and Sadam's Nuke Scientist's brother.. there is your Middle East port to traffic children, and Disney Cruises goes there.. sure more than a few of the "missing" people from Disney cruises wound up on a tropical island bound for??


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I found it under Excursions for the Disney cruise lines for St Thomas & St John at magical kingdoms dot com

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Disney private island?


discard if already covered.

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Final stop is castaway cay. It's

>Broward county, Florida


>St Thomas island

>castaway cay

>Florida again

The line comes nearest to Little St. JAMES while at Tortola and St. Thomas on days 2-5.