There are some clues in the article about Barr (Trump Administration) reinstating the federal death penalty at this particular time:

- Notice that of the first five persons announced as heading up the Queue (couldn't resist), 80% had killed a child…4/5…and the fifth one shot 5 people which could've included a child, but didn't say.

This is to prepare the public and the criminals for the consequences of harming children. Right before the lid blows on federal indictments raining down about predators harming children.

- The second and more civics oriented is the enduring warning against treason and attempting to overthrow the government if the participants in that activity are dead by execution.

We have been asking for rope. Rope is coming.

- The final clue is: Additional executions will be announced at a later date, the DOJ stated.

Know our comms. Traitors hang. Pedos hang. And there are lots of traitors and pedos. Rope, needle, or lead. Just as dead.