DJT on Hannity

July 25, 2019

Key POTUS remarks, direct quotes unless in brackets:

H = Hannity

[H asking about Mueller hearing]

I ended up watching more than I wanted to.

I have to watch shifty Schiff.

I've never seen anything like it.

I got to watch enough–it was shocking.

I thought the Repubs __ brilliantly….I thought everyone representing the repubs was really good.

We will soon have the most modern military that we've ever had.

A lot of it was just made up, like you'd write a novel. [re the Dossier].

[H: you keep saying, we can't let this happen again. Why important to get to the bottom of this?]

An absolute catastrophe for our country. This was treason, high crimes.

[H: What do you say to the press in this country?]

I think the press has lost all credibility….these are supposed to be journalists, and they're actually trying to force them [Congress] to do what they want.

When I say enemy of the people….[it's because they are trying to influence Congress this way.]

[H: Did you feel sorry for him during this?]

I had the absolute right to fire him, but I didn't do it….It's really incredible when I hear this….First of all, they create a phony crime and then say "he obstructed." There has never been anything like this, ever before in our country.

We'll find out about this… media has been talking about 'investigating the investigators.'

Russian bloggers….they had nothing to do with us. They [Mueller team] went after people viciously and violently–Genl Flynn, Hope Hicks, so many. What they went through, still to this day.

These are very dishonest people.

[H: q on possible pardons.]

Don't want to comment yet.[paraphrase] But I really feel good about giving it, when people have been….abused.

[We have to] Drain the swamp–we have some very bad people in govt that would be willing do [very bad things.]

[H - Comey, McCable, others and FISA warrants. What do you think of these people?]

Comey is a liar and a leaker….Clapper & Brennan & McCabe–these are very bad people. [not just incompetent]

It will be great to clean up a real bad mess.

Wm Barr–he's working so hard….He's got everything…and I gave them a total release…and release it to whoever he wants…perhaps people like Devin Nunes [much suffering]; and so many others, they're warriors. [Good side–Repubs like Meadows, Nunes, Jordan–like yesterday.]

This was a coup attempt, in my opinion. We have some very great people but we also have some very bad people.

[H: Q on 2020 Dems & the Squad]

Haven't seen it for the past 4 or 5 days. They're talking about Mueller, you're not seeing much about the Democrats.

[H: who'll win the Dem nomination? Is there one you want?]

Sleepy Joe (but he's fading), The only good thing about M is that it made him (Joe) look like a dynamo.

Pocohontas, Bernie Sanders.

[H: Iran, NK have fired test missiles. What will you do if pushed militarily?]

[Iran - they know we'd be tough]; NK - "we've been doing very well, Pres. Obama had no relationship, w/HRC we'd be at war.

[H - on cops being pounded with water]

Well, it's a bad mayor, probably the worst mayor in the history of the city….I feel it was tragic, watching that scene….'I don't believe what I'm seeing.' NY police are "devastated."