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Disney Glowing Clown Faggots info

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they get the familiy's to put DOOR MAGNETS FOR EACH PERSON OUTSIDE THEIR CRUISESHIP DOOR. Too easy to pick out the kids what rooms the kids are in.

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it's not just associated with Disney.

it's a private charter available through a variety of tour companies.



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Real odd lookin GF Clock… vulture?


this comment underneath says a lot about how they have made the place more "public" because word got out about it's existence.. surely this "Exclusive club" "hidden within the park".. was not originally meant to be known about widely (guess they didn't expect the internetz).

Still lots of pics of Chicken and Pasta on this IG account… still looking

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Club 33 (Disneyland)

Backlit in Luciferian Purple


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I guess they have a CLUB 33 in almost every disneyland worldwide… Freemasons are trafficking humans as we know sooooo…. Guess it all kinda fits doesn't it?

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These Disney digs reminded me of Fiona Barnett’s story of her RSA & she mentioned being taken to Disney.

This is old story that Anons dug on before but I think it should be looked at again since we have Disney in the spotlight.



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Exclusive Club 33 … 20 year long waiting list just to eat there (masons only? 33rd degree only is more like it).

20 year waiting list is translated to:

Forget about it normie, just because Club 33's existence is widely known doesn't mean YOU get to join. Fagmasons only.

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The Disney Family sold almost HALF of its holdings in The Walt Disney Company

to CREDIT SUISSE in 2003

Credit Suisse owns portion of Suisse Re,

the insurance firm that purchased the Royal Maccabees Life Insurance Company from Royal Insurance Group

The same company that derived its lineage from the Knights of the Maccabees

The temple of which was in the background of Qs "flags out" picture.

The Ladies of the Maccabees Building in port huron.

Their SYMBOLISM being buildings with beehive shaped domes on the roof.

Their headquarters sporting them, including the one in the background of the Flags Out picture.

The SAME dome shape shown in Qs Syrian bathhouse picture,

AND Epsteins Temple on little st. james island.

The SAME ISLAND that Disney sends their cruise ships to.

The SAME ISLAND whos temple symbolism shows up on Disney's cruise line

The SAME DISNEY who the FAMILY of walt disney SOLD almost 50% of their ownership to CREDIT SUISSE

The SAME COMPANY who owns a third of Suisse Re who owns the heritage of the Knights of the Maccabees!

ffs, someone follow me on this one.

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Nothing to see here ayy

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>>7187990 (lb)

The Aladdin recording is absolutely saying "take off your clothes"

Fuck the fake faggots playing defense for the pedos

My friends and I walked past a group of "special" kids at a theme park once, about a decade ago. It wasn't a big place anyone has heard of, but suddenly the person with the microphone said "Take off your clothes" in a regimented way which sounded really off. We were drunk and thought it was just random so we started cracking up. This MP3 reminds me of it. There's no way it was innocent. This is real. If we can destroy Disney then we must destroy Disney.