Q's flags out picture was determined to be located in Port Huron MI

The stone building in the background was the "Ladies of the Maccabees Building"

Located at 901 Huron Ave Port Huron, MI

We dug on the Maccabees masonic oriented fraternal organization.

A lot of interesting things came from this

Such as their headquarters and related buildings having bee-hive shaped domes over them

And the ladies of the maccabee faction met in groups called "hives."

All well and good until the symbolic connection started to be made between these hives and Epstein's temple.

And Q's bathouse in Syria picture.

Circumstantial of course, but lets proceed

The Knights of the Maccabees merged with the Ladies of the Maccabees to be called simply The Maccabees

This organization of mutual insurance eventually demutualized and sold itself to the Royal Insurance Group

This company was eventually sold to the swiss insurance behemoth Swiss Re (in 1999)

The modern expression of the original Knights of the Maccabees is now a division of Swiss Re called:

Reassure America Life Insurance Company

Swiss Re was originally founded by or the predecessors of:


Helvetia Group

Credit Suisse

So obviously digging into swiss re, UBS AG, Helvetia, Credit Suisse, and Royal Insurance Group is of top priority to this dig.

The whole Q drop about Disney has interceded and acted to distract from the Maccabees dig.

So be it.

But in transition away from Maccabees to Disney/Epstein I made a cursory attempt to link these companies together.

Turns out I found something:

Who manages the Disney Family Trust?

Credit Suisse