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Eggstein island and killer inc

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Anons understand….. Epstein Island [not so] Fine Dining…..

Nancy Pelosi


Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America's middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, 'dark chocolate connoisseur.'

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Recall a recent bet Pelosi had to pay up on. TruDOH twatted his passion for dark chocolate as well.

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Reposting from 4 days ago – anons, please notice the DATE

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Epstein-→ Leon Black -→ Martin Nesbitt-→ Obama

Epstein = Board Member for Black Family Foundation

Nesbitt = Obama's BFF

Nesbitt = Vistria Group

Leon Black (billionare) = Apollo Group

Apollo Group + Vistria Group purchases distressed firm "Univ of Phoenix" whose stock was deeply driven down by Obama Admin sanctions. The sanctions lifted after soon after purchase agreement; stock value immediately increases .

Source: 2018 Book "Secret Empires", Peter Schweizer

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is this where the Disney cruises unload and into the tunnel they go

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Further dig on this Lauren Book Dig:

The article Q links is nothing less than outstanding in it’s revelations of ‘actors’ we may or may not have heard about, and positively ‘proves past’ with associations tying in all the bad actors. I’ve only just started to dive in and the implications are mind-blowing. For example, Russia gets brought into the mess here: “(Florida Sen. Lauren)Book, in an interview with the Herald, said she also asked the Capitol police, who handle security for state lawmakers, to look into claims made on a Russian website alleging that Bradshaw was behind an effort to access her phone and emails by using the pretext of “imminent danger’’ to obtain her personal information.”

Allegedly, Book is being harassed and intimidated for her request for an investigation into the sheriff of Palm Beach County’s office handling of Epstien’s work release permitting him to leave the Palm Beach County Jail and spend much of his 2008-2009 incarceration in his office. PBSO denies the allegations.

Books Russian tip-off came from “a former Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy, John Dougan, who fled to Moscow in 2016 following an FBI raid on his Palm Beach home that he claims was politically motivated”.

Former PBSO Deputy John Dougan runs a Web Forum at https://pbsotalk.org/ which list Russia as the Country of registry.

Threads seem to be up to date, including July 25, 2019; and the discussions revolve around PBSO issues, JE and other ‘Cop Talk’. Further digs on Deputy John Dougan reveal the reason allegedly he fled from America to Russia for political asylum that HE was involved in the data transfer between Seth Rich and Wikileaks (before it was compromised).

More to follow

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not sure there'd be sauce on that, but the last drone shoot was this year, and everything's been stripped. They took the dome and birds. that's not commercial. and plus, he's a twice convicted sex offender, all his base are belong to the gutterment