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President Trump Tweets and info

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POTUS Tweets re A$AP Rocky

5 minute DELTA

>Recent Past

Does that mean Rocky is already freed or about to be and we will soon hear about that after POTUS publicly shames Sweden?

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Delta Q - POTUS = 2:31:33

Interesting that Q drop #231 is a deleted stringer.

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Missed one.

NEW DJT EST. timestamp


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We Must Fight - President Reagan

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>The Ladies of the Maccabees Building in port huron.


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>If you understand how 45 operates, he already obtained or lined up the deal he wanted before making the tweets today, knowing success would follow.

I strongly doubt it. Sweden is not that corrupt. The rapper will be released when A COURT OF LAW has freed him, not a minute sooner!

Trump is clearly fishing for black votes here, and this retarded twitter war with Sweden is for domestic consumption. But I can assure you it has made it a hell of a lot harder for any of his supporters here in Sweden to explain how he isn't an idiot.

It may not matter much in the larger scale of things what Swedes think of Trump, but it's annoying when he acts with this complete lack of integrity and brains, actually DEMANDING that other nations shall be corrupt.