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anon drop-literal 'temple' conjecture: analyzing the drone drops

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For you baker… l'chaim.

1. The screen-cap (attached) was a notable several breads back… and it outlines very strong rationale for rejecting the literal "temple" conjecture, in favor of "temple-as-a-red-herring" theory. (Note: this is a pretty important topic for anons to think about carefully since the inter webs are now filled with people claiming vindication about pedos sacrificing kids to demons on Epstein Island.)

2. After watching all 27 drone vids, my confidence that the 'temple" is a red herring (and not a temple) is very high. The real activity going on here is underground, as most anons already agree. Some of the possibilities I think deserve serious consideration:

- "farming" children – elites impregnating sex slaves (intentionally or not); stem cells, young blood, organs, "sacrifices" etc.)

- bio-experimentation – genetic experimentation w/o limits. (purpose: bio-warfare/genocide; side-effect: freaks of nature / genetic hybrids of all sorts)

3. The Bible says this about the end times: “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” (Luke‬ ‭17:26‬ ‭KJV‬‬) "The days of Noah" were characterized by the corruption of all flesh – which is why God destroyed all living things in the earth by the flood, except for Noah, his 3 sons, and their 4 wives. Noah was chosen as the progenitor of humanity after the flood because he was "perfect in his generations." (i.e., his genetics / DNA hadn't become corrupted). There are passages in Genesis which strongly suggest rampant mixing of species (i.e., hybrids)… and as weird as it sounds, one look at the Egyptian "gods" will at least make one wonder if those things were for real. Furthermore, demons need a physical body to inhabit, so it's not a far stretch to conclude that some people are working on making bodies for them. (Mummies suddenly make sense now… preserving their DNA unril mankind re-advanced enough to make new bodies (clones) for them, using DNA from mummified remains.)

4. There is a creature visible in the drone vids (inside the window) which looks both recognizable and freaky. I'm sure most anons have seen it. I hadn't noticed the thing in Q's screen cap (until he posted), but I had already been strongly considering if this island was a renegade bio-lab type situation. Why? bc nearly all the "housing" on this island looks nothing like actual housing (for humans). When you look closely, it either resembles "stables" or "jail cells." As much as I'm sure of the elites engaging in pedo stuff (I have no doubt), I am now not actually even convinced that people ever hang/hung out on this island. The main house… isn't a house; the guest houses…aren't houses; the temple… isn't a temple. Instead, I see stables, cages, containment units (whatever you want to call 'em), etc. Coupled w/ the freaky creature (and the one from Q's drop), I'm wondering if this island is a real-world "Dr. Moreau."

5. This possibility is uncomfortable to consider for the sheer horror of it, but also for the daunting challenges that would arise from believing it: e.g., "Qanon conspiracy theorists now believe in chimera, minotaurs, pegasus, etc." Furthermore, how the hell can one make an informed assessment of this topic given CGI special effects. I don't trust ANY video or photos these days without a very good reason. How would/will we know if we're being set up? I don't know the answer…

…and with that, I present a few supporting pics/graphics:

* aforementioned 'temple" refutation

* Q's "unrealistic" drop.

* The translation of "arrêter le temps" (which is the name of the song in the drone vid Q screen-capped today. (note: almost all of those vids have no sound/music)

* The Island of Dr. Moreau

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