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Planefag update

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Planefag checking in. Some caps from yesterday and today.

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Some more caps, including an AZAZ09O9 flight to Memphis.

Doin;s are about to be a-transpirin'.AZAZ flights always precede a Habbening.

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Current status of all C560s in the air over CONUS.

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Lockheed P-3C AIP Orion circling near Oak Harbor, WA.

Guardrail making its way near border.

Stinger II (gunship) making tight circles in the middle of nowhere, SW of Ft. Sumner, NM…Near Clovis which has been under survey the last week or two by Flying Antenna Farms (EMARRS/MC12 Libertys)

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SAM461 returning from Utah, half way to DC.