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Why the SIGINT Merger Matters

Rules of evidence require that evidence used against someone be obtained in a lawful fashion. A lot of times, this NSA surveillance violates the Fourth Amendment. That's the reason why there were minimization requirements.

If you review the FISA court litigation over the Russian case, you will see the fight is about minimization. The deep state literally exploited the most powerful surveillance network ever created against US. They threw it all at him. The SIGINT merger was a signal of this panic.

ALL of the prosecutions are tainted, especially . Mike Flynn, if the evidence used against him was obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

That's why the FBI cannot go directly into the NSA database and then submit their evidence to the DOJ. That would circumvent the Fourth Amendment protection. That's not what they did.

THE MEDIA REPUBLISHED THE INFORMATION and then it was cited as evidence. That's what a lot of people are missing about the gravity of these last few posts.