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Can someone please explain the SIGINT drop. There is so much cross information I’m not connecting the dots.

A doc was classified.

It was unclassified 22 year early

Clapper and Lynch signed it

Obama declassified it

Now intel can leak easier with deniability

Why would that doc be classified in the first place?

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They needed to get FISA materials to the press to create the Russia hoax. The FBI and deep state leaked to reporters info they pulled from the fraudulent FISA now that they could share NSA data.

Also FLYNN. How’d they get Flynn? Because they could leak and share his phone call and set him up

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Ok thanks for smoothing that out.

So what is the purpose if the SIGINT pre-declass? To establish FISA guidelines?

And then the declas provided the ability to create a fake intel leak?

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Appears to be central to how they got Flynn. It hasn’t to do with minimization. Prior to the change, the NSA has to minimize or remove personal identifiers and other info before giving to intel agencies. After this, no privacy measures were in place.

It is apparent that news reports regarding the contents of General Flynn’s communication with foreign officials surfaced first during the final days of the Obama Administration. Washington Post reporter David Ignatius authored a January 12, 2017 column disclosing that a senior U.S. government official indicated that General Flynn phoned Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Dec. 29, the day the Obama administration announced the expulsion of 35 Russian officials and other sanction measures. It is no coincidence that the leaks implicating General Flynn have grown ever since.

How did Mr. Ignatius and other reporters get access to classified information, which they have used ruthlessly to deprecate both General Flynn and the Trump Administration? More likely than not, they obtained such information because intelligence agents unleashed by the Obama Administration had additional access to information as contemplated by the new rules and procedures approved by Attorney General Lynch and DNI Director Clapper.

Since misconduct by members of the intelligence community impairs national security, the ACLJ urges President Trump to take immediate action to root out this subversive mischief. The first step in this process is to immediately revise Executive Order 12333 and invalidate the rules issued by Obama Administration officials, which increase the likelihood of intelligence leaks now and in the future. Such leaks could facilitate a soft intelligence coup that places the security of the United States at risk.

The leaks must end now. Our national security depends on it.