27 very creepy videos, to be precise. If you're following this story - and we know you are - this is fascinating. #BillClinton #HumanTrafficking


Odd YouTube channel appears, hosting new hi-def drone footage of Epstein’s “pedophile island”

July 24, 2019

Little St. James – or “pedophile island” as the locals call it – is at the epicenter of the Jeffry Epstein saga. Everyone wants more info about it. Who went there, when did they go, how was it funded, and why has it been ignored for so long? How is it possible that a whole host of governments let a known pedophile run a secluded, and very creepy, Bond-villain hideout for so many years… unless they were somehow involved with it?

Hopefully those answers are coming.

In the meantime, those who would like a closer look at Epstein’s lair can get one. Thanks to the appearance of an odd YouTube channel that exclusively hosts hi-def drone footage of the Little St. James Complex, we now have detailed flyovers. The first of these was posted about a week ago, and the posts have continued steadily ever since. There is now a total of twenty-seven highly detailed aerial excursions.

Reports about the source are sketchy at best. Most “information” is coming from social media so it’s not particularly reliable. Some posts have indicated these were taken in May, others (and one of the videos) claim July, but there’s no way to be sure. Either way, they appear to be recent.

You can see the buildings, the grounds, and even peer through the windows of the bizarre “temple.” The latter of which seems to have be undergoing painting or remodeling. Nothing to see there, we’re sure.

Knowing what we know about Epstein’s predilections, the videos are chilling. The expansiveness of his weird Xanadu is something you don’t really appreciate from a bird’s eye view. Epstein may be a billionaire, but the cost associated with constructing this place must have been staggering.

As a caveat, please note that we have no idea who’s taking these shots, or what their motivations may be. We are in no way associated with them. Still, if you’re following the Epstein story, these are fascinating clips.