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Planefag update

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TY Baker

Private jet returning from Gitmo.

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>>6942706 (LB)


Lockheed P-3C AIP+ Orion out of St. Louis area


P-3C AIP {Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program} (US): P-3C Update III with interior modification to add ASQ-222 mission computer, ASQ-78A/B acoustics system, and APS-137 ISAR radar; OMEGA navigation system replaced with Global Positioning System (GPS) and TADIL-J/Link 16 data link system added[

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miami it is , a second jet appeared over bahamas not sure if they were stacked or one was dark for a bit .

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B-52 aloft over Regina SK Canada

60-0023 AE587C

United States Air Force

United States Military

Boeing B-52H Stratofortress B52

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Presidential plane (No VIP aboard) making race tracks with…

KC135R still racing…

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Interesting tracks over NJ/NY.