Venezuelan Oil Refineries Halted by Blackout - Reports

The crisis-hit Latin American country has suffered a series of power outages that began in March.

An apparent power outage has affected a crude oil refinery complex in north-west Venezuela on Saturday night, plunging a nearby community into darkness.

The black-out has halted Amuay and Cardon, two oil refineries located in the Paraguana Peninsula, Reuters reports citing sources within the state oil company PDVSA.

Amuay and Cardon are two of the three refineries of Venezuela's largest refinery complex, operated by PDSVA.

White the company has not confirmed the news yet, photos of the black-out began making their way to social media.

Dario Tremont, a regional coordinator of opposition party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), said that the black-out took place near midnight after the breakdown of the third turbine at Cardon refinery—reports/