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Planefag updates

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Swearingen C-26B Metro III callsign PAT767 seems to be following our favourite Gitmo express routing from Florida to Gitmo.

There is not much else airborne apart from a couple of C-40s (B737) on the E coast heading N towards DC from the Florida area.

A C-32 (B757) also heading towards DC from the Gulf Eglin/Pensacola area.

There is also a C-21 Learjet heading N towards DC.

A navy C-130 is currently heading S from Jacksonville towards Miami.

Finally a Navy C-40 heading W from Norfolk.

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C-130 same path…

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That's the guy I picked up near Jacksonville.

Looks like Camp Traitor is gonna be busy today.

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Purely for patriotic enjoyment the army Golden Knights parachute team plane Fokker Troopship is Eastbound near Evansville.

Go Army o7

Baker probably not notable