The reporter on the NYT's Bernie Sanders beat consistently fails to identify her [go-to] sources [for negative comments on Dirty Bernie] as corporate lobbyists

Side note: Clinton had a Drudge Report crony? See below.

Sydney Ember is a news reporter who covers Bernie Sanders for the New York Times; her coverage is consistently negative (part of the Times's overall pattern of negative reporting on Sanders, including "stealth edits" to make its coverage less positive, to the dismay of the paper's public editor).

Ember's negative reporting on Sanders might be the result of her deep connections to the finance world: she came to the Times after a career as an analyst at the coal-boosting hedge fund Blackrock and she's married to Mike Bechek, son of the former CEO of Bain Capital, where he also worked.


Anyway - some names of interest as part of the (D) party con (go-to sources who say Bernie sucks):

* Jim Kessler, identified by Ember as "executive vice president for Policy at Third Way, a center-left think tank" (Third Way is a pro-austerity thinktank whose board is overwhelmingly made up of CEOs, bankers and corporate lawyers; it advocates for cuts to Social Security and Medicare and opposes higher taxes for billionaires);

* Otto J. Reich, a central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, who was quoted in a piece condemning Sanders for his opposition to Reagan's secret arming of death-squads that brought down Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega with a campaign of rape, torture and murder;

* Jarrod Loadholt, whom Ember calls "a Democratic strategist who has worked on education policy in South Carolina" – Loadholt is a consumer finance lobbyist who has worked to roll back Dodd/Frank, supporting a bill that would make it easier for banks to practice racial discrimination.

* Mary Anne Marsh, whom Ember calls "a Democratic strategist in Boston who worked for Senators Senators John Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy" – but Ember doesn't mention that Marsh is principal at the Dewey Square Group, lobbying for Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coca-Cola, Collegiate Funding Services, Countrywide Mortgage, DuPont, General Motors Corporation, Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA), Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, Purdue Pharma, Starbucks, United Health Group, the US Chamber of Commerce (hired to lobby for caps on damages corporations pay when they are sued by customers), the National Restaurant Association (hired to lobby to make it harder for restaurant workers unionize) and Fix the Debt (hired to lobby for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security).

* Tracy Sefl, whom Ember calls "a veteran Democratic strategist" – but Ember doesn't mention that Sefl was a "surrogate and senior advisor for Hillary Clinton" who worked extensively with The Drudge Report on Clinton's behalf, and was "a hired gun at a Republican-led firm Navigators Global."