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Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce dies at 20

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Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce dies at 20

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read the article -

Besides being a 'child actor' at 9 there are ties to

- Disney (always suspect in my mind now)

- Joe Biden

- Water

(Snip) The young actor had dedicated himself to charity work in recent years, introducing former Vice President Joe Biden at his Biden Courage Awards in March, and he was honored with the Pioneering Spirit Award at last year's Thirst Gala, sponsored by the Thirst Project, a nonprofit for which Boyce raised $30,000 to build wells for clean drinking water in Swaziland.

Boyce, who was from Los Angeles, made his acting debut in the horror film "Mirrors" at just 9 years old. Two years later, he appeared in the blockbuster Adam Sandler flick, "Grown Ups," as one of Sandler's children.